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One of the most difficult cookies to make- French macarons can be tricky! But thankfully for you, I taught myself how to make them after MUCH trial and error ,and will teach you all of the nuanced details that go into making macarons!

In this class we will be making a classic French Macaron with a French Buttercream filling.

Registration is per household (a household means one computer/kitchen, with up to four adults)- Upon registration, participants will receive the recipes, a shopping list, an equipment list as well as a Zoom link.

*Please note: this class does require special equipment including: a stand mixer with the whisk attachment OR an electric hand mixer, a food processor, a food scale, a pastry bag, a round piping tip and a fine mesh strainer/sieve. Upon registration, I will provide you with a list of links to purchase each item. 

**These macarons are gluten free.

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