Collection: Let's Brunch

Let's get brunching! In this cooking party we will make a tomato galette full of cheese, caramelized onions and fresh tomatoes, as well as poached eggs. Basically a breakfast pizza because let's be honest- who doesn't want to eat pizza for breakfast? No judgements here. Emily will provide you with the recipe and a zoom link, and you will provide your own ingredients. Best if paired with a mimosa or large cup of coffee.


Please do not add this to your cart. Instead, fill out a contact form, stating that you would like to do the dumplings party, and about how many people will be at your party- feel free to "invite" as many people as you would like! The more the merrier. Emily will contact you within 48 hours of receiving your request to get your party scheduled. 


Since we have all been affected during this time, this is a "pay what you can" class. Emily will provide you with venmo and Paypal information for you to "pay what you can" upon completion of the class.

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