About Emily

Hi, y'all! I'm Emily- and I love food. I love food not only because it is delicious and comforting and nourishing. But I love it because of how it brings people together. How it can form a community and how it creates space for connection to happen.


I went to Ohio State (go bucks!) and am a registered dietitian. But after working with the scientific and medicinal side of food, I realized I was neglecting the communal aspect of food. This realization prompted me to go to culinary school, to learn how to cook delicious food with the goal of gathering people around a table. From there, I worked in one of the best restaurants in Charlotte, up until all of this crazy happened.

These virtual cooking parties are my way of sharing my love of food, but more importantly, bringing you and yours together when we all feel so far apart. We may be socially distancing, but that won't stop us from "gathering". Thank you for being here! I am so excited to cook with you.