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Welcome to Cooking Club! 

What is cooking club? 

A monthly zoom cooking class where you will learn kitchen techniques, tips and tricks from a professionally trained chef.

August's cooking club is all about STEAK. We'll talk about the different kinds of steak, and what cut of meat to use for different applications. You'll learn how to make the perfect steak- every time. Just how they do it in the restaurants. We will be using a cast iron skillet for this class, so be sure to grab one if it's not already in your kitchen arsenal!

In addition to the steak, we will be making a chimichurri sauce and roasted potato wedges, cause what is better than good ol' fashion steak n potatoes??

When is cooking club?

For the month of August, cooking club will be held on Tuesday, August 25 at 6:30pmp EST. The class will last between an hour and an hour and a half. 

How does it work?

After you purchase a ticket to cooking club, you will receive a packet of information including a grocery list, a list of kitchen items needed, recipes for future use and a zoom link for the class. 

What else will we be doing this year?

We'll be covering topics like meal prep, Thanksgiving sides, what to bring to a dinner party, and more! If there is something you would LOVE to learn in cooking club, I am open to suggestions to consider. There may also be guest appearances from other chefs......

Pumped to cook with ya on the 25th!